Slack active user growth, Share report without leaving Slack
Slack active user growth, Share report without leaving Slack

Wanna Share Reports or Metrics without leaving Slack?

Every day more companies, big or small, choose Slack as their main instant message platform. Here at Ptmind (Datadeck’s parent), we are among those companies as Slack grants us flexibility, ease of use, and it’s also great for remote work.

To give a better idea of Slack’s popularity, here are some numbers: They surpassed 6 million daily active users (DAU) back in September 2017, have 9 million users active on a weekly basis, and are boasting 2 million paid users that generate an estimated 200 million dollars revenue for Slack annually.

File sharing issues

We still need to wander away from Slack from time to time to search files or reports we need to share with our team or our bosses. It’s easy to forget where you stored a file and lose some good minutes every day searching for things.

This grim scenario can be solved with a simple Slack integration. What would you think if I told you that you can share data files without even leaving your chat window? Pretty interesting if your a data person, right?

The solution to this pain-point comes through a Datadeck Slack application. Connect your profile with one click. Done. You can start sharing graphs, tables, and anything that is on your dashboard directly on slack. No more time wasted looking for files and reports elsewhere.

Sharing Datadeck widget in Slack

Datadeck is constantly looking to make your work-life more efficient and productive. We are curious about what other integrations would make your daily life easier? Tell us which platform we should integrate with and if you guys are already using Datadeck’s Slack app…

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  • Peter says:

    Ah, good to know. I think Slack could use some more integrations like this. Sometimes want to share Facebook posts directly in chat feeds too.

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