Addicted to Google Analytics? STOP!

Why doing almost anything else (including nothing) is more productive than logging in your web stats daily…

The monotony of checking Google Analytics

The first time you get access to Google Analytics or any web stats tool for that matter the insights are eye opening! You can see where your visitor’s are coming from, what your most popular content is, heck the only thing you can’t get is what they ate for breakfast!

With all these great insights, you must exercise something that I call ‘web analytics restraint’.

You see all too easy to fall into the trap of checking stats every second of the day instead of actually doing any meaningful work to drive those key numbers upwards.

You can keep pressing the refresh button on your browser but the only thing that’s going to get you more traffic is you.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t check your web stats at all. The insights you’ll get from Google Analytics is invaluable. It’s just you don’t need to check GA every day to get the benefits.

In this regard, I would recommend two things.

1) Monthly, routine check up of your key metrics

2) Using a data dashboard like Datadeck to give you daily snapshot summaries on your key metrics.

By leaving your in depth analysis to once a month you’ll be free to concentrate on important work and won’t be overly concerned by minor peaks and dips in your day-to-day data.

And by monitoring a data dashboard daily you can feel confident that day-to-day you’re on the right track and aren’t making any mistakes that could leave you red faced.

You can get started with Datadeck by signing up for free at

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