How Start-Ups Optimize Landing Page Conversions (in 30 Minutes a Day)

Are you a digital marketing manager working at a start-up?

Do you struggle to find time to optimize your landing pages?

If so, this article will help you analyze landing page analytics and how to optimize those analytics daily for increased conversion rates.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page where visitors can complete a specific action to get specific information they are interested in.

The visitor may have seen the offer as part of an email campaign or in search engine results.

An example of a landing page would be where someone sees a banner ad on a website that shows the reader how to easily create templates to improve their business reports and analytics for improved productivity.

Why do landing page analytics matter?

Landing page analytics matter to your business because they give you the information you need to:

  • Increase the number of conversions you get each day
  • Reduce the cost per conversion
  • Increase revenue per dollar spent
  • Improve (indirectly) your search ranking
  • Help you learn what motivates your customers

What if you don’t analyze the data or analyze it incorrectly?

With so much data available at your fingertips, it doesn’t make sense to ignore such a rich gold mine of information that could positively affect your bottom line.

Ignoring your data analytics or analyzing your data incorrectly can lead to several problems:

  • Wasted time creating marketing reports
  • Unfocused marketing efforts
  • Overlooked areas where you might otherwise have created better opportunities
  • Entanglement in a vicious cycle of slow website traffic
  • A struggle to justify website development costs to your leadership team
  • Loss of trust and a dampening of morale among your designers, content writers and others on your team

Most important, your competition will quickly surpass you in ranking and traffic share.

How can you tell if your landing page is converting successfully?

Because every industry has different benchmarks for successful conversion rates, you need to understand your industry’s conversion benchmarks.

One of the better websites featuring benchmarks is Wordstream.

Once you understand your industry’s conversion rate, answer these questions: Have you been hitting that goal for the past three months? Or have you been steadily climbing toward that goal? If so, congratulations! If not, that’s where daily optimization comes in.

How to optimize your landing pages for better conversions (in 30 minutes a day)

1. Compare today’s conversion rate to the previous day’s (A/B test)

The first thing to do is look at your bounce rate.

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website immediately after opening your landing page. A healthy bounce rate is less than 70 percent. Ideally, you want to hit 50 percent or less.

The second thing to do is look at the session duration — how long visitors spend on your landing page before leaving that page.

The amount of time a visitor should spend on your landing page depends on how long the landing page is and how long it takes to read that page. If it’s short, they’ll spend less time; if it’s long, they’ll spend more time.

2. Look at the heatmaps

Heatmaps show you where visitors are clicking on a page, where they’re spending time on a page and where they leave a page.

Using heatmaps will show you what your visitors are interested and not interested in, what they’re not seeing, why those visitors might be leaving your page, and why they’re not converting.

You can also use heat maps to see different categories that you might not be serving — for instance: devices, third-party sites, certain advertisements, articles, etc.

3. Adjust your findings

Based on what you changed the previous day (text or images), you’ll know whether the conversion rate is better or worse than before.

Based on user behavior, you can make each updated version even better.

Every day gives you an opportunity to improve each landing page’s conversion rate.

But what if your team finds it hard to agree on where they should focus the landing page changes?

This is a common problem.

It’s not always easy for teams to agree on what changes should be made on a landing page.

One solution? Show your team the data.

Don’t inject your emotions or try to interpret the data in a certain way. If you do want to interpret the data a certain way, ask your team if it’s OK to make the changes and measure the results.


First impressions are important. Knowing where your customer will start their journey on your website makes a big difference to your bottom line.

Landing page optimization is neither hard nor time-consuming.

By using DataDeck and spending 30 minutes every day, you can decrease your bounce rate, increase session duration and, in the end, improve your conversion rate.

Next step

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Here’s what you get with your free Ptengine account:

  • Easy to understand web analytics
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Isn’t it time to start getting better conversions?

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