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Check List For Sending Bulk Emails: 2018

Of course there are certain rules while dealing with email marketing – so here we are going to spend… about 60 seconds laying down a checklist. Run through this before you hit that send button. Hopefully this will have a positive impact on your business and branding!

The Checklist:

1.Right Time
Are you sending the message at the right time? Depending on your industry and the type of message you are sending, there could be an optimal time to be sending this message. Do you want to hit people’s inboxes during business hours? Check your previous email campaign results to get a better idea

2.Right People
Double check who the email is being sent to.

3.Clear Introduction
Is the subject of the email clear from the start? The receiver shouldn’t have to look deeper to know what it’s about.

4.Clear Subject Line
This is linked to the rule 3, but requires its own check. Make sure there are no errors and that your subject line pops.

5.Clear Purpose
Why are you sending the email, what are you hoping to achieve? If you require the receiver to take further action, are they able to via links or email responses?

6.Reader Friendly
Do you use any specialist langue? Do you have to? Is the email in a readable format and broken up into short paragraphs or bullet points?

7.Error Free
Double check and get someone else to check if you aren’t an experienced copy editor

8. Tracking
Are you able to track your email results, and where is the data displayed? Who will be analyzing the data now and in the distant future? If you don’t have a nice dashbaord to track your emails in in 2018, you’re behind the times. Check out Datadeck (below) – it has a great free Mailchimp dashbaord. It automatically tracks your email campaigns and can be shared via link. You can get Datadeck for free right here.

Free Mailchimp Dashboard

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