6 Ridiculous Ways Data Helps With Dating

It is 2018 and the nerds, algorithms, and machines are rising up and taking over the dating scene!
Want to up your chances of scoring a successful date in this new, complicated dating wasteland? Well, forget your previous experience, love gurus, and those bro-code pickup artist books!

Data is in!

This guy knows what we’re talking about. ? How a Math Genius Hacked OkCupid to Find True Love.

So to wet your appetite for the digital dating scene, here are 6 quirky statistics to help you tone up your game – things only data will tell you.

1. Women Prefer Killers and Vampires

Wanna consider changing your look? Studies do show that men who seem less pleasant or appear more dangerous are more attractive to women. In a survey performed by www.datingmetrics.com , the majority of the TV characters women fantasize about dating are nasty people and only a minority of them are nice guys. Here was the actual breakdown:

– Only 14% are nice guys
– 86% are bad boys
– 40% are killers
– 21% are vampires
– 33% wear leather jackets
– 21% wear suits

Sure, there may be a difference between who women fantasize about dating and who they want to settle down with — but it might get your foot in the door! If you’d still like to aspire to be on of the 14% of do gooders, more power to you, the data just shows you need to up your game a little more! So onto the next tip…

2. If You’re an Android Person, Stay Clear of Iphoners.

Believe it or not, iPhone users are 21 times more likely to have bad impressions of people who use android devices (I know, this is the ridiculous world we live in now). This came from a survey of over 5,000 single people conducted by Match.com. Discussion topic: Is it time to make ‘device type’ an online dating preference ? and not just a Google Analytics thing? When going on your first date, try to catch a glimpse of her phone. If it doesn’t correspond to your affiliation — keep yours well hidden!

3. From Now On Your Favorite Color is Red

Yeah that’s right, your new name is Dare Devil or Electra because DATA tells us that a guy in a red t-shirt has a higher chance of succeeding on a pickup — also, men love girls in red dresses.

Andrew Elliot, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester discovered in a study that “…women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money and more likely to climb the social ladder. And it’s this high-status judgment that leads to the attraction,”

I guess The Crips are going to take this badly…

4. Are you Earnest? Forget Tinder

Finding the love of your life is as easy as swiping left if you like them and swiping right if not, right? Well not on Tinder if you’re looking for a serious relationship. The Global Web Index discovered in a survey that over 42% of all Tinder users already have a partner. You almost have to flip a coin for every encounter to see if it’s legit or not. Sorry to burst your bubble.

5. You’re Not Earnest? Then go to Oregon!

On the other hand, if you’re not seeking a serious relationship and just want to handle some “business”, Oregon is the place for you. When Okcupid, the Google of dating, was reviewing it’s 2015 end of year analytics, it discovered that over 15.51% of its Oregon users were looking for casual sex, the highest out of all the states. You can literally double your chances here compared to some other states!

6. Like Deep Conversations? Wait for Spring Time

I love deep conversations, don’t we all? Well, if you’re into online dating, you’ll be stoked to know that according to a study by Zoosk, there are 28% more “deep conversations” happening in the spring time vs the other seasons. Wait, what?! How random is that? Or is there some truth behind all that Zodiac, winter solstice jumbo? Maybe we’ll look into that data in another post!

7. *Bonus Tip*

Ok. As you can see, data changes the game, and can literally be your best friend. If you want to see what else data can do for your life, and you work in an office, try signing up to Datadeck — the ultimate business dashboard. It’s free to use, and you can save tons of office hours by using our dashboards as your weekly/monthly reports, leaving you more time to get out there on the dating scene. Sign-up here to check it out!

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