VIDEO: Having Fun With Pokemon Go Data

I’m starting a new Vlog series: “Making Data Fun Again”.

Episode 1: Having fun with Pokemon Go data

A lot of people think data is boring or only for analyst or scientists, but that time is over. Data is everywhere and our smartphones are the ones collecting most of it!

As a big fan and lover of Pokemon, this first episode is all about having fun with Pokemon Go data in Datadeck. Making a dashboard and showing some tricks to pimp your reports personally or in your business life.

Check out my Bulbasaur t-shirt in the video! And if you are looking for the end result and don’t want to watch the video… Check it out here!

Guy Geeraedts

Work-wise I’m a complete nerd, started playing with computers and nerdy stuff back in the days when I was a little kid. Grew up with tech, IT, software and marketing. Studied a lot to become a marketing guru...

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