Ptmind Won Another Award…

The 6th MEXPO was held at Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Center from November 16 to November 17, 2016. Webcasts were organized to showcase the annual change and progress of the communications industry to media, marketing service providers, and advertisers. Ptmind, as a well-known enterprise in the industry, participated in the annual event.

We also won an award for innovation!

Ptmind won the best marketing product innovation silver award, quite deservedly. The conference had more than 100 exhibitors, with 17 enterprises in the individual awards categories; and the General Assembly took 3 months over their decision.

As a first product — Ptengine’s award is a great honor. We’ve won the world’s three major product design awards: the Good Design Award at the World Industrial Design Awards and Japan’s ASPIC SaaS Service Advanced Technology Award. More than 6,000 companies in 181 countries use Ptengineto improve conversion rates and user experience. This exhibition once again honored the product, showing off the company’s wisdom and innovation.

On the afternoon of the 16th, the theme of our speech was “radical, marketing insight”. Ptmind Senior Product Director, Li Ying, was the first speaker. Ms. Li has led the Ptmind product team for five years, helping to create an innovative, professional, and user-friendly behavior analysis product — Ptengine. Ptmind is about to launch itself into another heavyweight market — data management cloud service tools. Their product is called: “DataDeck”.

The speech Ms. Li shared focused on advertising the world’s best data marketing analysis heat map. She mentioned Subaru (car brand), who is a dedicated client of Ptmind. They use Ptengine to refine the Subaru digital marketing efforts — heat map analysis helps to solve what traditional tools cannot. Li Ying’s talk provided the audience with a new understanding of heat map analysis and its capabilities.

The conference housed around 10,000 people and the Ptmind booth attracted numerous industry insiders. Ptmind products, with their universality and innovative design, won a lot of praise during the conference, and the company seems set to grow into the global market for leading SaaS services.

It was an amazing conference, and Ptmind’s future looks brighter than ever.

John Varvill

John Varvill

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