Datadeck 24h liveblog/stream Product hunt Madness — Live now!


Update 7, 10:27 PM (Beijing) — 10:27 AM (New York)

We are back online… come on everyone… Jack and I are waiting for you guys to have a quick chat on our livestream.

Update 6, 7:39 PM (Beijing) — 7:39 AM (New York)

We are out for dinner… having a quick break from our Live stream:

Update 5, 7:04 PM (Bali) — 7:04 AM (New York)

Learning how to stay up for 24 hours straight. Since we just got featured on the homepage of Product Hunt, we know it’s gonna be a long and exciting night!

Update 4, 5:32 PM (Beijing) — 5:32 AM (New York)

Datadeck for Teams just got featured on the homepage of Product Hunt! We are so excited 😀 Go check it out…. and let us know what you think… and of course get our OFFER only valid until the 12th of April.

Update 3, 4:59 PM (Bali) — 4:59 AM (New York)

Working hard from the beach in Bali, Indonesia. We’re working from all parts around the world to bring you the new and improved, DataDeck 🙂

Update 2, 3:25 PM (Beijing) — 3:25 AM (New York)

Our livestream is live!!! Tune in now and ask us anything about data, our Datadeck offer… or just anything that’s on your mind.

Update 1, 11:00 AM (Beijing) — 11:00 PM (New York)

Today is the DAY… Product Hunt is hosting our brand new Datadeck for Teams APP. We are so excited… With the help of Kevin William David we are going to have a blast! Follow our live blog and later today our livestream and join the Madness! 😀


Our CEO “Batman” will join the crazy show all night/day to answer all your questions.

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