Datadeck Earns Top Recognition For Business Intelligence Software

Datadeck was recently analyzed by a leading platform for SaaS reviews, and we’re proud to announce that we have received outstandingly high marks alongside a few prestigious recognitions. Our user-friendly software was praised by CompareCamp’s experts for having a singular dashboard which displays data that not only looks “attractive,” but is also “simple to access, understand and, share.” Deriving “high-quality actionable insights” is also possible with DataDeck, CompareCamp stated, giving users “a competitive edge” over other businesses. With this positive review, DataDeck passed the standards set by the platform and we received their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards.

According to the SaaS reviews platform, DataDeck “makes data comprehensible and available, which enables users in company business units and teams to stay on the same page and work productively and efficiently.” This is why DataDeck received the platform’s Great User Experience and Rising Star awards, as both recognitions are given to software solutions that have endeared its users through functionalities that are both efficiently designed and easy to use.

The SmartScore System

Datadeck was reviewed using CompareCamp’s SmartScore system, which was designed to help create an unbiased analysis for software systems by assessing key elements that are important to users. This includes main functionalities, collaboration features, customization, integration, ease of use, help & support, security, mobility, and media rating. We’re glad to announce that we scored a positive rating on all these aspects. With these awards on hand, we will make sure that Datadeck continues providing businesses with an easy to use platform, where they can discover insights, create professional-looking and accurate reports, and collaborate alongside their teams with real-time data.

John Varvill

John Varvill

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