Marketing Manager Dashboard

Stay on top of your budget 24/7 with live, accurate reports on all your campaigns.

Know which campaigns to double down on and which ones to change course on with the click of a button.

Monitor data from all your apps in one place!

Justify every campaign. Stay on top of every dollar you spend

Determining you ROI would be much easier if you saw all your metrics in one beautiful dashboard--in real time?

Datadeck can be your new ally in the fight to bring in new leads at a reasonable expense.

It connects to every data source you need so you will immediately know which campaigns are worth continuing--and which need to be stopped tweaked.

"Big Data is the biggest game-changing opportunity for marketing and sales since the Internet went mainstream almost 20 years ago. Data on its own, however, is nothing more than 1s and 0s. Successful discovery requires building a data advantage by pulling in relevant data sets from both within and outside the company."

- Jonathan Gordon, Principal, McKinsey Marketing

Things that get easier as a Marketing Manager using Datadeck:

  • Track ROI for every marketing campaign in one dashboard in real time

  • Know when to double down on successful campaigns and change course on others

  • Tie every lead back to the campaign that generated it

  • Track every new customer’s actions from first touch to point of sale