IT Leader

Keep the company safe by staying up to date in real time on all data related to risks and threats.

And manage support requests with less work than ever.

Monitor data from all your apps in one place!

Your job as IT Leader is to know everything

You need to know every tech risk and opportunity facing the company.

There are metrics for each risk and opportunity, and it would be nice if you saw all those metrics in one beautiful dashboard-in real time?

Now you can. You have a new ally in the fight to protect your team and keep your company competitive.

Datadeck connects to every data source you need so you can locate the critical issues and take appropriate action.

"The IT department is very valuable to my company’s finance function, specifically in the areas of data management and internal controls. We rely heavily on our business and systems analysts to address frequent changes in reporting requirements. This has ranged from designing automated dashboards for communicating key financial metrics, to developing data links between our ERP system and third-party financial planning software. Like finance, our IT group plays an important role in financial statement attestation."

- Jeff Thomson, president and CEO of IMA

Things that get easier as an IT Leader using Datadeck:

  • Automate report requests from all company departments without having to writing code

  • Real time reports for monthly IT costs and opportunities for savings

  • Evaluating the performance of any department--receiving and handling support request tickets

  • Prioritizing hot projects and escalations--putting out the right fires first