Business Intelligence

Use Datadeck to connect to any data source and automate report requests from all departments without code.

Share and collect comments from stakeholders to keep the team focused, productive, and unified.

Monitor data from all your apps in one place!

Create beautiful, shareable & simple to set up dashboards

Your job as BI Analyst is to use internal data to arm the wider company with relevant data insights. That’s why Datadeck simplifies this process by providing code-free, one-click connections to any real-time data source. The output--beautiful, shareable, dashboards--will simplify your workflow and will better unite your teams, making them more productive.

"A picture can paint a thousand words, the saying goes... But unless we know how to decode its message, a picture can also be difficult to read. In a world where ‘drowning in data’ is a real danger that I see many companies falling foul of, the emphasis needs to move away from measuring and collecting everything we possibly can, to identifying what is truly important."

- Bernard Marr, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Leading Business and Data Expert

Things that get easier for my life as a BI Analyst with Datadeck:

  • Connect to any source of data--real-time--at the click of a button

  • Compile data from dozens of disparate sources to make insights and decisions

  • Create beautiful dashboards and share and comment on them across the entire company