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Deliver world class digital marketing performance and services using powerful dashboards.  Scale up your agency with faster insights, reporting and data management.

Impress Your Clients and Win Larger Contracts.

Prove Your Worth

Make higher converting decisions based on a full understanding of your clients' entire digital marketing landscape. Quickly get answers specific to growing your clients' brands.

Automate reporting, client data management and sharing. Provide a data-driven and value added service that scales up to countless clients and team members while reducing operation costs.

Differentiate yourselves from other agencies by using data to prove the ROI of your work while providing suggestions at every turn. Be seen as Digital Marketing thought leaders, providing world class services, transparency and expertise.

Increase Client ROI

Scale Up at Lower Costs

Fully Utilize Your Clients' Data

View all your clients' data from a variety of digital marketing data sources side by side on the same dashboards and from one central app. Make better decisions based on a more complete understanding of the story across all their digital marketing platforms.

Give Smarter, More Professional and Timelier Advice

Easily customize dashboards to show the most relevant data. Gain insights into increasing conversions while identifying the factors that improve engagement for your clients.

Answer the Key Questions

Manage client data from multiple data sources in one easy interface. Easily manage access permissions for countless team members. Take on tons of new clients and team members without slowing your business down.

Replace out-of-style spreadsheet-based reports with professional looking dashboards that tell your clients the story of how you're building their brand, in realtime. Use data to flaunt the image of a proven, cream-of-the-crop agency.

Slash Reporting Costs

Faster Client Data Management

Save countless hours and agency costs by ditching reports built on excel or word. Quickly finish a one-time setup of custom reports  and sit back and watch the data update automatically. Send these dashboards to clients or colleagues via a link.

Project a World Class Image

Make Everyone an Analytics Guru

Find the Right Creative Direction As a Team

Elevate your agency from just being creative to being data oriented with our easy to use drag and drop platform. Watch data become an integral value generator for every person and situation. Make it core to client discussion and engagement.

Become a Truly Data Driven Agency

Let everyone analyze, share and discuss findings in a collaborative space. Brainstorm and ideate as a team to generate winning campaigns based on a shared understanding of quantifiable factors and trends.

Let's Discuss a Solution That Matches Your Needs.

Learn from our constantly growing academy of videos, articles, events, webinars, e-books and more to turn your entire team into Digital Marketers that live and breathe data-driven ROI. Become pros at data analysis, agency operations and client engagement alike.

Data Analysis Training

Consultation and Professional Services

Let us Help You Grow into Leaders

Enjoy energetic and innovative support at every stage. Work with us to grow your solution and your agency.

Need help hitting the ground and delivering value during your first series of engagements? Let us develop solutions or knowledge transfers that are highly specific to your business.  

Step by Step Support

"We’re a small 4-person agency. We don’t have time to create reports for our clients. Datadeck helps us look more professional and a lot bigger!"

Rosanne Sanders, Webholic

"I thought setting up Datadeck would take ages. I was pleasantly surprised when I had everything in place in under an hour. My clients love the extra visibility!"

Andrew Ellis,  Upstart Park

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