We transformed our own company with Datadeck.
Now let’s transform yours.

Rewind 10-years and Robin the CEO of Ptmind had a problem.

His first SAAS product hit Japan with a big bang! As the celebrations faded he was left with questions needing answers. He turned to Google Analytics. While it gave him a lot of data, it wasn’t actionable and failed to give him a complete picture.

Worse still, his team were in the dark — People weren’t communicating, data wasn't being shared and everyone was making decisions with their gut and not with hard numbers. The company was expanding but these bad habits were stifling growth!

Something needed to change. That’s when Robin envisaged Datadeck — A beautiful dashboard, that with one glance would give him a complete view of his business. No waiting for reports, no unopened emails and no data discrepancies between teams. Just all the companies data, pull together automatically in one central place.

He shared his early prototype. The impact on Ptmind was instant. People saw exactly how their actions as both an individual and team member affected the company as a whole.

With this feedback loop in place, visions aligned and everyone was more focused, goal orientated and ready to drive meaningful change. Ptmind had truly become "data enlightened".

Today Ptmind has:

  • 100


    100 employees

  • 4


    across 4 locations

  • 2

    SAAS products

    with two SAAS products

  • 50,000+


    with over 50,000 customers

  • 8


    in 8 different languages

Ptmind's vision is to empower companies everywhere to use data to find meaningful insights and make smarter business decisions. We refer to companies who do this as "data enlightened".