Use data. Make business decisions. As a team.

Datadeck puts all departments in sync with beautiful dashboards of all your data sources--in real-time.

Making your company happier, more organized, and more productive than ever.

Most companies only use 5% of their data. Get 100% with these new abilities:

Data blending

"By combining relevant data on common fields, blending in the specific information an analyst is looking for, they can understand what products or services are having the biggest impact on sales and what is driving the interest of prospective buyers."

- Ben Rossi, Editorial Director of Information Ag - Insight and analysis for IT leaders.

Data Visualization

"An avalanche of data pours into computers around the world every day, and the amount is only growing. Data visualization, born from the marriage of classical charts and powerful computer graphics, is a way to make sense of it all."

- Geoff McGhee, Creative Director of Media and Communications, Stanford University.

Team collaboration

"With each role defined, data teams can collaborate together through effective communication. In fact, communication may be one of the most valuable skills all team members should have. Without it, proper collaboration is next to impossible, and if big data goals aren’t reached, frustrations may build up over time."

- Jonathan Buckley, Principal & Owner of The Artesian Network.

Answer your business questions faster, more accurately, and easier than ever.

Import data from all of your systems

Datadeck gathers all your data sources and displays them in beautiful dashboards.